Hickory Farms!

I love Hickory Farms stuff. You may remember from last year. Actually I just really like gift boxes/baskets. I like the little assortment of goodies you get with them.

Well the other week was my first sighting of a Hickory Farms gift box, and of course I bought one:

First Hickory Farms of the year

Looking at the photo I realize two things, 1: It is a crappy photo, 2: It is the exact same assortment I photographed last year, right down to the not featured in this year’s photo spreader and strawberry candies.

Last week I ate it all for lunch:


On Remembrance Day I went to Bellingham and checked out the Hickory Farms kiosk that is temporarily in Bellis Fair mall. Of course I had to buy something, so I got this:

Second Hickory Farms assortment of the year

I haven’t eaten this one yet, but I can’t wait to use the mini cleaver when I do! If you will notice I also have a new tablecloth featured in the background. It was one of my many purchases from Target’s holiday selection. The rest I’m saving for a future post.

Christmas Crunch Update:
No sightings yet this year. I’ll be checking again soon. If I find any this year I will be buying fewer than three boxes this time. I didn’t even finish one box last year.

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