Beef Stick

So I’ve been sick since Thurday afternoon. Mostly a sore throat, fever, and headache. I had a CT scan Thursday morning, so I don’t know if I’m having a reaction to the IV contrast dye they pumped in me, or if I caught some more sinister type virus. All I know is that I was out of it on Friday, a little better Saturday, and a little better today, but I’ve still been better. I had started to work on this post back on Thursday, but didn’t get around to finishing it until now.

Wednesday I went to the US to do some shopping. I wanted to get a head start on looking for Christmas stuff. There was a ton of cool stuff that I saw at Target, and yes, I bought some. Once we are closer/in December and I have this stuff put up I’ll take some pictures and put them up here.

One of my goals was to find a box of Christmas Crunch cereal, in this we were unsuccessful. I haven’t found a box in years…

But still, I was successful in filling my need for Hickory Farms products:


That’s right, I came home with two Hickory Farms gift boxes, complete with included spreaders!


I was going to start eating one of the boxes right away (or at least the food products in the box), but as I said, I got sick instead (yes, before eating any). As you can see, the box I chose to open first included well-seasoned crackers, Italian head & cheese spread, Sweet-hot mustard, beef summer sausage, 4 strawberry candies, and an official Hickory Farms chesse spreader. I’ve been resisting the tempation to eat all of that because I want to wait until I feel better to fully appreciate everything.

Now I said I wouldn’t post the christmas stuff we got until closer to or in December, but there’s a couple of things I can’t wait to share:


At Target and Walmart they had these packages of baked goods mixes, packed in christmas themed aprons and oven mitts. We decided on bringing home the Sugar Cookie mix inside the winter Bear oven mitt from Target, and the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie mix inside the christmas tree apron from Walmart. The price? $5 each. And it’s pretty hard to screw up sugar cookies, especially in just mix form.

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