Got milk? Magic Milk Straws!

I really want to post about something non-food related, but finding non-food items to blog about seems pretty diffcult for me sometimes. So until I can think of something, here’s some more about consumables.

Magic Milk Straws!

got milk?

These are plastic straws full of magic flavor balls, use them to drink milk and you have flavored milk. Simple. We have two flavors here, cookies & cream and cocoa. With the cocoa I was expecting chocolate milk, instead I got cold hot chocolate, or cocoa. I really should have expected that. As for the cookies & cream, I didn’t try it. They also had strawberry, but I didn’t get those because fruit flavored milk is just weird. I have my standards.

straw full of flavor!

I found these at the grocery store, so keep your eyes open if you want to try some. Just don’t buy the strawberry because it’s weird.

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