Dr Pepper Showdown: Dublin vs Heritage!

Well today I got some:

Pepsi Throwback

And some:

Mountain Dew Throwback

I have no idea why they show a cowboy with a hat shooting moonshine jug on the packaging, I’m assuming they are trying to equate the high caffeine content of Mountain Dew to the kick moonshine.

And last, but not least:

Heritage Dr Pepper

Now, you may remember last post I was talking about ordering some Dublin Dr Pepper. Last week I received my order of Dublin Dr. Pepper and I can say that it tastes pretty damn good. But how does it taste compared to Heritage Dr Pepper? I have no clue, the Heritage is still cooling in my fridge, I’m not drinking warm soda. I’ll update this post tomorrow when I actually drink some.

UPDATE: I tried some Heritage Dr Pepper, and it tastes remarkably similar. If anything it is maybe a little too sweet compared to the Dublin Dr Pepper. Either way, they both taste good.

For closing, here’s a shot of the different cans of real sugar soft drinks that are currently inside my refrigerator:

L to R: Heritage Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew Throwback, Pepsi Throwback, and Dublin Dr Pepper

All that awesome sugar!

I also got a new deep fryer today, but that’s a post for another day…

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