I’m still waiting for my brake lights to get fixed, so I thought I would post here.

I like baseball. Even though it was freezing cold last weekend I sat in Safeco field with my Dad to watch the Mariners beat the White Sox 6-3. When I go to Vegas I always bet on baseball too.

For the last couple of years my Dad and I have gotten 6 game packs of tickets to Mariners games. This year we got tickets to the Red Sox game on Monday May 26, but my advanced accounting class is the same night. So no Red Sox for me this year… : (

Still, I will get to see the:
Detroit Tigers, June 1
Washington Nationals, June 15
New York Yankees, September 7
Oakland Athletics, September 27

This weekend I am driving to Edmonton with my Dad and my nephew Joel. I’m not exactly looking forward to it.
Still, I guess I will get to see the West Edmonton Mall, which I’ve never been to before.

3 thoughts on “Baseball…

  1. Saw your Flickr photos. Though I still floolw pro sports, I love the game not the player. I totally understand your feelings toward professional sports. I think it is great we now have minor league baseball in York, Lancaster and Harrisburg. I remember when I was very young, the only news you heard about minor league baseball in Central PA was from the Reading Phillies. Now Reading is still an option, but that is too long a drive for most in Central PA.

  2. Phil-I hear ya. I love baseball. I love the game and evrtyehing that it means throw in the james earl jones speech from field of dreams and I get misty eyed. I also love the Orioles right now they stink out loud and a good guy just got canned for their crappy play. Love baseball, don’t you?

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