The Departed…

Ok, so the picture doesn’t appear in the previous post. It was supposed to be a picture of the stool I sit on while “working”. It was a shitty picture anyway.

I saw The Departed last night (and this morning technically). It was amazing. Go see it right now. It made me realize that even though Gangs of New York and The Aviator were excellent movies, Scorsese is capable of so much more. It is with a doubt his best movie since Goodfellas.

On a side note, since I figured out how to post from my cell phone blogging has become much easier. Since we all know I’m too lazy as it is…

11 thoughts on “The Departed…

  1. watching Raging Bull and Taxi Driver make me realize Scorcese is capable of so much more. His more recent films are good (better than anything else out these days), but I still find his earlier stuff more talented and original.

    I thought The Departed was an awesome story with great acting but it wasn’t as visually interesting as some of his other movies. Even The Aviator and Gangs of NY looked better.

  2. I didn’t say The Departed was better than Raging Bull or Taxi Driver, but it is definietly better than The Aviator and Gangs of New York.

    I’ll agree with you that visually the Aviator and Gangs are amazing, but they both suffer from some pacing problems. I’ll even say that Daniel Day-Lewis was better in Gangs than Jack was in the Departed. But overall The Departed one of Scorsese’s best.

    I would rank it:
    1. Goodfellas
    2. Raging Bull
    3. The Departed
    4. Taxi Driver
    5. Gangs of New York
    6. Casino
    7. The Color of Money
    8. The Aviator
    9. Mean Streets
    10. Cape Fear

  3. dreyer.

    stop trying to be like john cusack in high fidelity, ranking everything

    it’s not going to make me less mad at you.

    dave is a hottie.

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