Pepsi Throwback vs Mexican Pepsi! The battle of the real sugar colas!

I prefer my soda drinks made with real sugar. I may have mentioned this before, but there is a noticeably taste differences between beverages made with real sugar and those made with high-fructose corn syrup. Unfortunately since corn syrup is much cheaper than sugar, real sugar soft drinks are usually few and far between. I’ve written about real sugar soft drinks before, including a comparison of two different versions of real sugar Dr Pepper. Today it’s time to talk about Pepsi.

When it comes to the Cola wars I am generally allied with Coca-Cola. If given the option between the normal versions of Coke or Pepsi I will choose Coke every time. My allegiance to Coca-Cola only wanes when presented with the option of real sugar Pepsi. Throwback Pepsi has been available sporadically since at least the summer of 2008. I always by a case or two when given a chance. Mexican Pepsi is something I’ve only found recently at one grocery store in Bellingham, WA that stocks a large amount of Mexican foodstuffs. I’ve been buying cases of Mexican Coca-Cola from Costco in Bellingham for years now, but I had never seen Mexican Pepsi until just last month.

Pepsi Showdown!

For pure appearance it’s obvious that Mexican Pepsi is the winner, glass bottles are superior to aluminum cans. Although for nostalgia the can does remind me a lot of the Pepsi cans I would see as a child. In terms of taste I’m still undecided, I’ve had a lot of cans of Pepsi Throwback but only have drank two bottles of Mexican Pepsi. They both taste much better than normal Pepsi, but I’m having a hard time declaring one the winner.

Actually, scratch that, I already knew the winner before I even started:

The Winner: Mexican Coca-Cola!

I choose Mexican Coca-Cola as the winner of the Pepsi battle. I can do that because I made up the rules of my taste test. It has the classic Coke bottle look, and the best taste of any of the real sugar soft drinks I’ve had. Check Costco near you, or go to Mexico, to find some and taste for yourself.

Got milk? Magic Milk Straws!

I really want to post about something non-food related, but finding non-food items to blog about seems pretty diffcult for me sometimes. So until I can think of something, here’s some more about consumables.

Magic Milk Straws!

got milk?

These are plastic straws full of magic flavor balls, use them to drink milk and you have flavored milk. Simple. We have two flavors here, cookies & cream and cocoa. With the cocoa I was expecting chocolate milk, instead I got cold hot chocolate, or cocoa. I really should have expected that. As for the cookies & cream, I didn’t try it. They also had strawberry, but I didn’t get those because fruit flavored milk is just weird. I have my standards.

straw full of flavor!

I found these at the grocery store, so keep your eyes open if you want to try some. Just don’t buy the strawberry because it’s weird.

White Castle Cheeseburgers & Christmas wrap-up

Welcome 2011, please treat me nicer than 2010. Actually so far this year has been about a billion times better than last year, although the bar was pretty low. I stayed home last night and fully avoided being anywhere near the roads and drunk drivers.

Time for the first post of the year. Starting with frozen cheeseburgers:

White Castle Cheeseburgers

Now most people have at least heard of White Castle, most people from the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. White Castle is the oldest fast-food burger chain in the US. They only have 422 location across America, mostly in the Midwest. For everyone outside the 11 states featuring actual White Castle restaurants they produce a line of frozen burgers. They are the same as the fresh ones minus the pickles (pickles do not freeze well apparently).


They taste better than they photograph. I used to get these all the time when I was a teenager. The Cost Cutter in Blaine, WA used to only carry the Hamburgers and I would have to add my own cheese. Sometimes I would use spray cheese. The best part about White Castle burgers are the little onions, they taste delicious.

Christmas Wrap-up:
Christmas kind to me this year. I got an amazing back massager. It is a shiatsu massager with heat. Feels so good for my back.

Back Massager

I was going to write more but it took me like twenty minutes to get that last picture to appear correctly, so I’m going to call it a post.

X-Mas Stuff!

I don’t really feel like typing that much today, but I’m getting a backlog of holiday photos I took to use in blog posts. Since American Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is now officially the holiday season I better get sharing. So without comment, some photos of holiday related stuff I have picked up so far: