Halloween Crunch

Halloween Crunch is a holiday themed cereal that I have unfortunately not had the chance to eat. I only heard about it a couple of weeks ago from X-Entertainment blog. Apparently it has been around since at least 2009! I don’t know how I missed it!

I can’t tell you what it tastes like because I’ve been unable to procure a box. If I wanted 14 boxes of it I would be all set, because that’s how Amazon sells it. But considering when I manage to get a hold of Christmas Crunch I don’t even finish one box, 14 seems like it might be a bit wasteful. I’ll try to take one more look for Halloween Crunch when I go grocery shopping this weekend, but I’m not hopeful. I’d rather have Christmas Crunch anyway…

Hostess Strawberry Cupcakes & 10 days to Walt Disney World! Which is more exciting?

The other day while shopping in Wal-Mart I was excited to find these:

Hostess Strawberry Cup Cakes

Now that I look at the photo I’m doubting my ability to spell cupcakes. I’ve always thought it was “cupcakes”, but that box clearly shows “cup cakes”. No matter how you spell it the taste of these sucks. Hostess products never taste that great to begin with, I think it’s more the nostalgia factor that causes me to purchase them more than anything else. I had high hopes that strawberry cupcakes would taste ok, but they don’t. They smell very strongly of fake strawberry, almost like some horrible perfume. And I failed to taste even the smallest similarity to the strawberry flavor that Hostess used and a real strawberry.

Much more exciting is the fact that in 10 days I will be in Walt Disney World in Florida! I went there last year shortly after I had lung surgery and had a lot of fun. This time I will stay for longer and I won’t be still recovering and I will have even more fun. I’m even heading to Universal for one day to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Here are some photos from last year’s trip:

I’ll share some pictures from this years trip when I get back!

Pepsi Throwback vs Mexican Pepsi! The battle of the real sugar colas!

I prefer my soda drinks made with real sugar. I may have mentioned this before, but there is a noticeably taste differences between beverages made with real sugar and those made with high-fructose corn syrup. Unfortunately since corn syrup is much cheaper than sugar, real sugar soft drinks are usually few and far between. I’ve written about real sugar soft drinks before, including a comparison of two different versions of real sugar Dr Pepper. Today it’s time to talk about Pepsi.

When it comes to the Cola wars I am generally allied with Coca-Cola. If given the option between the normal versions of Coke or Pepsi I will choose Coke every time. My allegiance to Coca-Cola only wanes when presented with the option of real sugar Pepsi. Throwback Pepsi has been available sporadically since at least the summer of 2008. I always by a case or two when given a chance. Mexican Pepsi is something I’ve only found recently at one grocery store in Bellingham, WA that stocks a large amount of Mexican foodstuffs. I’ve been buying cases of Mexican Coca-Cola from Costco in Bellingham for years now, but I had never seen Mexican Pepsi until just last month.

Pepsi Showdown!

For pure appearance it’s obvious that Mexican Pepsi is the winner, glass bottles are superior to aluminum cans. Although for nostalgia the can does remind me a lot of the Pepsi cans I would see as a child. In terms of taste I’m still undecided, I’ve had a lot of cans of Pepsi Throwback but only have drank two bottles of Mexican Pepsi. They both taste much better than normal Pepsi, but I’m having a hard time declaring one the winner.

Actually, scratch that, I already knew the winner before I even started:

The Winner: Mexican Coca-Cola!

I choose Mexican Coca-Cola as the winner of the Pepsi battle. I can do that because I made up the rules of my taste test. It has the classic Coke bottle look, and the best taste of any of the real sugar soft drinks I’ve had. Check Costco near you, or go to Mexico, to find some and taste for yourself.