The Revenge of the Hostess Donettes!

In case you haven’t heard, Hostess Snack cakes are back! At least sort of…

So far I have seen Twinkies, Cupcakes (the chocolate variety), Mini-Muffins (chocolate chip and blueberry), and Donettes (powdered sugar and chocolate). No Zingers, Ding-Dongs, Ho-Hos, or Coffee Cakes. And most disappointingly, no Apple Cinnamon or Crunch varieties of Donettes. The official Hostess products page lists a number of other items I have yet to see as well.

All I really want to see are the individual packs of Crunch Donettes. After the initial demise of Hostess I tried a number of imitations of Crunch Donettes, such as Little Debbie and Mrs Freshleys, but they did not taste anything like Hostess.

Halloween Crunch

Halloween Crunch is a holiday themed cereal that I have unfortunately not had the chance to eat. I only heard about it a couple of weeks ago from X-Entertainment blog. Apparently it hasĀ been around since at least 2009! I don’t know how I missed it!

I can’t tell you what it tastes like because I’ve been unable to procure a box. If I wanted 14 boxes of it I would be all set, because that’s how Amazon sells it. But considering when I manage to get a hold of Christmas Crunch I don’t even finish one box, 14 seems like it might be a bit wasteful. I’ll try to take one more look for Halloween Crunch when I go grocery shopping this weekend, but I’m not hopeful. I’d rather have Christmas Crunch anyway…