Waffles, Golden Waffles!

Since I got a freaking amazing rotating waffle iron for Christmas I had been scouring the internet looking for the best waffle mix. Well I’m pretty sure I’ve found it.

Here’s the awesome rotating waffle iron I got:

ROTATING Waffle Iron


And thanks to Amazon.com I have 3 large containers of Golden Malted Waffle mix:

Golden Malted Waffle Flour


Now, I’ll tell you one of the reasons why I think this waffle mix creates the best waffles. One of the ingriedents is MELTED BUTTER! Melted butter is one of the best things on earth. Half the time when I order crab legs or lobster it is simply to eat something that I can dip in melted butter.

To conclude, this a picture of the waffle that I ate for dinner last night:


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