So I’m still stuck at home with a busted up hip/pelvis as well as waiting for lung surgery, and extremely bored most days so spend a lot of time on the internet.

Here’s a couple of cool things I’ve found:

You may have heard of the awesomeness this is the bacon explosion, but either been too lazy, lacking a smoker, or both to ever enjoy one. Enter BBQAddicts.com where you may purchase your very own pre-made bacon explosion (but only shipping to the continential USA). I would have ordered one already, but they are shipped in coolers packed with dry ice, so I would have to be able to pick it up from my mailbox the same day it arrives. Since I can’t drive with my leg, or have a car right now, I won’t be getting one for at least a couple of months.

Dublin Dr. Pepper
Most soft drinks these days are made with high-fructose corn syrup as the sweetner. Corn syrup is no replacement for real sugar. You used to be able to buy Mexican Coca-Cola made with pure cane sugar from most Costcos in the US, but since Coke and Costco are feuding you can’t buy it there anymore. Dublin Dr. Pepper is Dr. Pepper bottled in a small bottling plant in Dublin, TX. Unlike almost every other bottler out there they still use real sugar instead of corn syrup. I’ve order a case of cans, and I’ll see how it tastes.

In other real sugar soft drink news, apparently Pepsi Throwback, which is Pepsi made with real sugar, is available again for a limited time. According to Pepsi’s website it is being carried at Target in Bellingham, so hopefully I can get down there before the discontinue it again. It was available for a limited time in 2008, and I was sad I didn’t buy more when I had the chance.

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