Well, another year has arrived.

I haven’t updated in a while, and for very good reasons.

Coming home from a movie on New Year’s eve I was hit by a drunk driver that ran a red light. I had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. It really really sucked.

I ended up with three fractures, two in my pelvis, and one more in my hip socket that is more serious. To prevent damage to my hip I can’t put any weight on my leg until at least March 25 when I see an orthopedic surgeon again. So I’m stuck on crutches until then. Which means a complete loss of freedom. I have to rely on others to get anywhere (doctors, lawyers, grocery store, etc…). And on crutches you can’t carry anything, which makes everyday tasks a lot more difficult. The timing was really great considering I’m moving. I’ve had to hire movers to come in and pack everything for me, move it all, and then unpack it all for me.

So, I can’t work, can’t go anywhere by myself (even if I had a car, I can’t drive with my leg the way it is). I have to sit at home all day and watch TV or browse the internet. And that’ll get old real fast.

And now for the cherry on top.

The x-rays I had while in the emergency room showed that a residual mass in my lung after chemo has grown. So I have to have surgery to remove this mass from my lung. But with the wait times for surgery in BC it will probably be scheduled for just after I can start walking again. So when I recover from the car wreck I will most likely be then laid out again from lung surgery.

So, 2010 has not been, nor is it looking to be, very good.

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