So I made some changes here, I switched from blogger to wordpress blogging. I imported all the old posts and comments, but I will no longer import to facebook (so you have to check here, or subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom).

I’m working on a post about my last trip to Disneyland, but in the meantime:

I’m going back, back to the future! Not really, but I do have a DeLorean now.


Months and months ago I along with my usual comic books I also ordered this awesome sounding DeLorean replica toy made by Diamond Select.  I was originally thinking of giving it to my friend Dave for his birthday, but the price increased and the ship date was delayed, so instead he got a fullsize replica of the OUTTATIME license plate. Finally last week I received my miniature time machine. And it truly is amazing, as you can see in this video:

3 thoughts on “BttF!

  1. !Glad you got the joke, members of my falimy have forced me to watch that stupid movie so many times curse you Patrick Swayze! The same day the Mazael/Caina romantic crossover comes out. Heh, you know I think alot of your female fan base would probably enjoy that.

  2. >Yes, it is Lorenzo! I am still workin on some skcethes and was trying to decide if I should do one with the door open or not But, I don’t think I am because I want to portray it as it is traveling through time We’ll see what happens

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