So here it is, 2009…

I’m waiting for my car to be “serviced” right now, so I thought I
would do a blog post.

Finally my return to Las Vegas is booked. I was supposed to go during
the summer, but couldn’t because I was all chemo-upped. So almost 7
months later I’m going. I’ll be there February 19 to 22 and staying at
the Bellagio! I better start practicing my blackjack strategy again.

Also, I’m going back to Disneyland this year.
I found a really cheap flight/hotel combo for the week of June 1 to 5,
and then I’m going to get an annual pass to DL so I could possibly
go yet again within a year. I can’t wait…

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  1. – Even w/ the weather not cooitraepng on this particular wedding, Theresa manage to pull out some awesome pictures. As a 2nd shooter I was very impressed w/ how she was able to handle the elements. She told me this was her first wedding in the rain but I couldnt tell. Good job and can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.Kenny

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