So, after meeting with my oncologist today I found out I’m getting the surveillance option.

Basically once a month I will be getting blood tests to check my tumor markers, every second month I will be getting a chest x-ray to ensure my lungs stay tumor-free, and every third month I will undergo the not-so-fun CT scan to make sure my lymph nodes stay normal size.

Although it will be a pain in the ass to have to go around and get these tests done and then go to the Cancer Centre every month, it seems like less of a pain than chemotherapy or lymph node surgery.

I thought my anxiety would be much better right now, but it’s only marginally better. I think after I see the results of my first blood test I will start to feel more optimistic about everything.

Also, I was checking and all of last year there were a total of 99 cases of testicular cancer in BC. I mean more people probably won some type of decent sized prize in the lottery than got testicular cancer. WTF?

Oh well, life goes on….

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