My highlights of 2007…

Well, another year is almost over. I always get depressed in the winter and I thought it would be interesting to make a list of the good memories I have of 2007 (Although sometimes it seems it would be easier to make a list of the shitty things that happened).

I completed my Financial Management Diploma of Technology.

Drove to Seaside, OR by myself.

Went to Florida, had fun and saw a great baseball game. Saw a homeless man with a rooster on South Beach.

Had a good time working for Starbucks (and with Dan again), even if it was short-lived.

Was happy to come back to EB, despite all it’s faults, it does provide flexibility.

Went to Vegas twice in August. Saw my first live UFC, and got a tattoo.

Started the BBA program, made some pretty awesome new friends.

Finally visited my little sister in Kelowna.

Passed all my courses (even though I was really worried about one).

Thanks to a friend my otherwise shitty Christmas turned out pretty good.

And another thing or two that happened in the past month have been pretty cool too.

New Years Resolutions? I guess I have a couple of days for those still…

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