Posting from work via e-mail…

I’m at work right now attempting to do some homework. I really don’t have anything to say.

I think I had a cool dream last night, but I can’t remember it today…

Molly sort of pissed me off by talking on the phone at work and a customer started asking me questions while I was eating. Wow that sentence is badly phrased.

Not only do I have to be back at work tomorrow morning, I also have to close tomorrow night, and then I have 2 tests first thing tuesday morning…

That is all,
“Taking care of business is cool where we come from”

2 thoughts on “Posting from work via e-mail…

  1. eb games

    so bill, this guy, I don’t know if you know him
    he got hired at park royal about a month before I transferred to you

    but he recently called up galya when he was drunk
    and told her that he wanted to fuck her mom

    so he got fired

    i am so proud of him for taking one for the team

    because how many times have we all had the urge to do the same thing?

    here’s to bill.

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