The taste of my doughnut…

This morning I had my first final exam. I arrived at school early and went to the cafeteria to buy a Dr. Pepper and 2 long-john doughnuts before meeting people in the great hall.

After eating one of the doughnuts I decided I didn’t feel like eating the second one. To prevent someone from grabbing it I licked the top chocolate covered part of the doughnut. I then had the wonderful idea of giving away my self-tainted doughnut to an unsuspecting person. I tried in vain to give to the next few people in my set that showed up, I can close and had one guy about to take a bite of it before someone else knocked it out of his hand.

It was time to head to the gym (where we were writing the exam), upon arriving there I had success. I passed the doughnut off to someone I knew who had transferred to the marketing program in January. He took the doughnut we sat down to write the exam.

Just before we start writing I look over and there he is happily eating the doughnut… It definitely took my mind off the stress of the exam.

2 thoughts on “The taste of my doughnut…

  1. ew, you sick bastard. like when you wanted to feed me your old piece of cash-register bacon!

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