4 thoughts on “$22,326…

  1. I doubt you could get anyone to pay 10grand for your site, considering you have only one visitor and that’s me, and I’m not succeptible to advertising.


  2. Actually, from studying the logs, I have about 14 regular visitors…

    I get about 75 to 100 random visitors a day total.


    I visit this site, too!

    because dreyer is my one&only internet boyfriend.

  4. okay, first of all, *I* am the world tetherphone camp! You’re just the co-creator 😛

    Secondly, if you get 75-100 visitors a day, I bet 100% of them leave unsatisfied because you post about once a month, and write little more than a sentence. In fact, I think I post more comments on your page than you actually post posts.


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