I miss Holly…

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to Holly.

She’s almost legal drinking age, so we should go drinking sometime…

(PS: Wetmore says he will slip you a rophies-coloda, watch out)

6 thoughts on “I miss Holly…

  1. where did my comment about dreyer’s bacon go?!

    do you think they lost your bacon in the move across the street?

  2. So I got my wisdom teeth out the other day,
    and it’s my birthday tomorrow (8th)
    and I can’t drink, because I’m on a prescription for this crap

    my 19th birthday and no drinks!!!
    but I am celebrating on the 15th at Subeez,
    dave is invited

  3. On a Monday? What gives?

    PS. If you don’t invite Dreyer the party will be devoid of easy cheese. And that’s just not a good party.


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